How are our products packed for a Courier Delivery?

We use woolcool boxes for all our courier deliveries.

The unique insulation in woolcool is produced using pure wool from British sheep, an innovative use of a truly natural resource. A white bag, containing your food, is put in the box and layers of ice are put at the bottom and the top.

How does woolcool® work?

Woolcools® superior insulative results are due to the natural properties of the wool fibres themselves.
Like other insulation materials, woolcool® fleece liners work on the principle of trapping still air to reduce the rate of heat transfer.

Wool fibres are hygroscopic (absorb and release of air borne water molecules)- wool can hold up to 35% of its own weight as moisture. This controls the humidity in the box, creating a natural cooling effect.

A further benefit, is that this significantly reduces condensation build up in the box, which with other boxes can result in the goods sitting in puddles of water.

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What is woolcool® insulation made of?

100% felted sheep’s wool, sealed within recyclable food-grade polyethylene wrap.

How is woolcool® made?

British sheep’s fleeces are naturally washed, scoured and felted to get the insulation material to the required thickness, which is then cut into strips and sealed within recyclable polyethylene food-grade wrap.

How does woolcool® keep contents cool?

Wool fibres are incredibly effective at absorbing moisture from the air which minimises humidity and condensation to maintain stable temperatures. The recyclable food-grade wrap which encloses the wool in woolcool is micro-perforated to allow the fibres to breathe and create a natural cooling system.

Is the wool hygienic?

Yes. Through the natural washing and scouring process, the wool is safe enough for a baby to sit on, without any chemicals, additives or the need for further sterilisation. Also, wool does not harbour dangerous chemicals, dust or mould that can lead to allergic or other reactions. The wool is also sealed within recyclable, food-grade polyethylene wrap to prevent the fibres coming into direct contact with packaged contents.

Does the wool smell or taint foodstuffs?

No. After the natural washing and scouring process, the wool only has a similar smell to a new, pure wool jumper! It is also sealed within recyclable, food grade polyethylene wrap to prevent contents coming into direct contact with the wool fibres.

Is the wool British?

All the wool used is from the fleeces of British sheep, helping to raise the value of wool in the UK, supporting British sheep farmers and rural communities. Woolcool is also processed and manufactured in the UK.

Can woolcool® be recycled?

The wool is sustainable, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. The food grade wrap is also recyclable.